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How To Find A Good Seattle Magento Developer To Assist In Community Work


Finding a good Seattle Magento developer is a matter of chance, but it is also related to the places where you search for this person. If you look on general freelance websites, you may find lots of developers located in other areas of the US or perhaps in other countries. You won’t be able to filter your results by city, so you are going to need to take all those individuals one by one, and see where they are from. This is not the fastest method of finding the one you need.

Searching in professional business directories is a much better approach. Here you can filter the database by location, so you can simply choose Seattle as your desired area and see how many people qualify as a Seattle Magento developer. Once you’ve got your list, you have to check the portfolio and the references of all these people. The experience is also important, but not as much as their skills and capabilities. Moreover, a good portfolio shows the developer is able to handle complex projects, so you aren’t going to get stuck at some point due to software errors and bugs that can’t be fixed.

The most important thing when choosing someone is to match their skills with your requirements. If you need a custom theme developed from scratch, you should find developers who have done this more than once in their professional life. If, on the contrary, you are happy with the theme but you need the implementation of various modules, you should search for professionals with a rich experience in working with such modules. If you need someone to manage your website and perform all maintenance works on a regular basis, you should be looking for people willing to cooperate with you on a long-term basis. Anyway, you should first check on their portfolio and on their capabilities and only after that worry about hiring them to do regular tasks for you. The advantage of choosing someone located in Seattle is that you are going to be able to meet in person in order to discuss various stages of the project. Talking face to face is always better than email messaging or Skype, even though it implies getting out of the house. Sometimes it’s good to use our human side more, even if it leads to a slight decrease of our efficiency and work productivity.

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