Various ways to helping Communities

A community refers to a group of people leaving together in a specified locality where they are ruled under a specified government that has set rules on which each individual in the community has to follow. A community usually is prone to various obstacles which affect the daily activities and norms of its members. Such obstacles include: Moral decadence, theft, terrorism, corruption etc.Such obstacles in a community usually affect the development of the community.

To help such a community, the following measures should be put in place. Educating members Education in any community is vital. Members in the community should be educated on the importance of being morally upright. Such education can be channeled to community members through the media, civic education, through learning institutions etc.

Once the members are educated on the importance of being morally upright, then the various evils such as immorality will decline hence helping the community in developing morally. Proper use of Funds channeled to the community The community should collaborate with the national government in order to be given some of the funds that may help in developing the community. Such funds include Community development Funds(CDFs) etc.

Such funds, once utilized appropriately, will help in developing the community. The corrupt leaders should be driven out of the community or should not be given any position in the leadership of the community in order to ensure these funds are well utilized. Once they are well utilized the community could have been helped. Enhancing charity work Charity work should be encouraged in any community in order to help the community in developing.

Charity work can be done by students in any institution or even community members. In most cases, charity work helps in cleaning the community, helping orphans in orphan homes etc. If such work is encouraged in any community definitely the community will move several steps in terms of development. Enhancing Projects in the community Members of the community should be encouraged to come up with various projects that can help in developing the community. Such projects can be made successful by ensuring proper financing in order to encourage other creative members to come up with other new projects. Such projects if managed properly can solve the problem of unemployment and thus ensuring growth of the community.

Supporting the talents of young members in the community A community is usually full of young and talented youths whose talent usually fades away if it is not recognized and promoted in the community. Such talents include areas in football, athletics, music, etc.

lf such talents are realized in the young youths and supported, consequently the youths will be assured of a bright future and in return help the community. Creation of health facilities and other services Health facilities should be created in any community in order to help curb unnecessary deaths. The health facilities such as hospitals should be located in an easily accessible area to residents of the community. The hospitals should be fully equipped with drugs and also should have adequate stuff members. Other facilities that should also be available in the community include, good roads, sanitary services such as toilets, clean water, security lights along major roads, etc. lf such are put in place, then the members would enjoy such services thus helping the community.

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